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The DivX® Story
They Made It Possible To Show DivX Movies On Your PC

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DivX, Inc. is a video technology company poised at the center of multimedia convergence. The company's core offering is the DivX® video codec, the world's most popular video compression technology with over 160 million users worldwide. DivX technology offers DVD-quality video at 7-10 times greater compression than MPEG-2/DVD files, enabling full-length films to easily fit on a CD or be delivered over the Internet. DivX technology also powers a range of applications that span the convergence value chain, from next-generation consumer electronics products and video software applications to a secure, Internet-based video-on-demand solution.

1999 The Origins of DivX: A Phenomenon is Born

Jerome “Gej” Rota, a French compositing infographist and freelance video engineer, develops the first DivX codec. Offering DVD-like visual quality with great compression, DivX provides a real improvement over existing codecs and becomes an immediate Internet phenomenon. Jordan Greenhall, former MP3 vice president contacts Gej about starting a business. With co-founders Joe Bezdek, Darrius Thompson and Tay Nguyen, Jordan and Gej start a company called Project Mayo.

2000 Project Mayo: The Early Days

The entrepreneurs begin development on a new version of the DivX codec. A front page story in the Wall Street Journal Marketplace section catches the attention of venture capitalists. The company closes its first round of funding, led by Zone Ventures and including several prominent venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and Asia, in September 2000 for US$5.6 million.

2001 The DivX Momentum Gathers Steam

OpenDivX is released to millions of global downloads. The company launches, which quickly becomes the lively home of the international DivX community. DivX 4.0 is released and quickly becomes one of the most downloaded video apps online. The DivX Open Video System™ is launched, one of the first secure, Internet-based video-on-demand systems. Project Mayo reveals its corporate identity and official company name, DivXNetworks, Inc.

2002 DivX 5.0 Spurs Business Growth

DivX 5.0 is released and becomes the #1 multimedia download on CNET’s DivX Pro, an advanced video codec with tools previously only available in professional editing studios, is released. In response to consumer demand for hardware products that support DivX video, the company begins the process of entering the consumer electronics market. The company closes a second round of venture capital funding for US$6 million.

2003 Dr. DivX, and the Success of the DivX Certified Program

The release of Dr. DivX, a three-step DivX video creation application, brings simple video encoding to the global marketplace. The company introduces the DivX® Certified Program for consumer electronics devices, enabling DVD players and other devices to securely playback all versions of DivX video. The first wave of two million DivX Certified consumer electronics products hits the market, letting consumers easily play DivX video on their televisions.

2004 Worldwide Growth of the DivX Phenomenon

The DivX 5.2 product line is released with versions in French, German and Japanese, and the company continues to expand internationally, opening offices in France Germany, Japan and Taiwan. DivX Certified products are sold in worldwide retail channels, from Wal-Mart in the United States to MediaMarkt in Europe. 20 million DivX Certified consumer electronics products are shipped by the end of 2004, including DVD players, portable media players, encoding devices and more. The first DivX Certified High Definition DVD player hits the market.

2005 Becoming the Digital Video Standard

To reflect the company’s primary brand, the company shortens its name to DivX, Inc. 50 million DivX Certified consumer electronics products expected on the market by year end 2005. The company introduces the DivX Media Format, a revolutionary innovation that enables an interactive digital video experience with menus, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and more.

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