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Please understand that your membership, although free - is personal and you can not pass is onto anyone. If we find that you disclose your username and/or password to anyone, your membership will be terminated immediately!

The software on this site is mostly freeware and/or shareware and we claim no ownership to any of the displayed applications or services.The software on our site is 100% legal to use (hence the name: legaldivx!) as long as you respect each organizations/individuals copyright to the material online and don't share it. Please note that in some countries it is also prohibited to download copyrighted material.

In dept technical support of the applications/services on this site is handled by the respective manufacturer, although you will be able to find useful hints that may be of some help to you solve your problem(s).

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We Do Not Offer Direct Download of Movies

This site shows you how to use the tools available on the Internet in order for you to get started downloading movies and other stuff available on the net today.

The tool we recommend that you use is uTorrent and within this site you will find some useful stuff to get started downloading. This app can be a little difficult to understand if you are a newbie, but is in our opinion the fastest and most secure of the download applications that are used by the public today.

You can find the download link in the Tools section of this site.

How To Install uTorrent ?

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How To Configure uTorrent ?

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